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Commissions Post


I am a queer nonbinary demigirl of color, and I need your help. 

As most of you already know, the school didn’t come through with the scholarship.  I  and my girlfriend wonderwoundedhearers have decided to get married.  Being away from her is difficult and if I’m not at school, there is no readon for me to be away from her.  I will finish my education in the UK when we both have jobs and are more settled. 

The thing is, the visa is 800+ pounds and the plane ticket is another 950+ pounds.  I am getting a job here in Brasil and we plan to have all this done by December so I can raise some money, but commissions are still open.  I still need help.

I know a lot of you have helped and that’s amazing, but it unfortunately isn’t enough.

I’m linking this to my other commissions post so you can see the prices, but like I said, queer women are my speciality (malora, cosette/eponine, bubbline) and so is rumbelle.  I can write basically anything you want or need.

Here is the link to my old commissions post with the pricing:


My paypal e-mail is rmottalatorre@gmail.com and my gofundme account is http://www.gofundme.com/axpaa8

If you can help at all, I would really appreciate it. I need to raise these funds by December.  Anyways, thank you for reading and signal boosting.  I really appreciate it.

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Writing/Fanfiction Commissions!


I just got accepted to a paid internship!  It starts in August and I am very excited.  It’s an easy thing to do and will help me raise some funds for school.

I’m almost done with my last commissioned piece, so if anyone wants to commission anymore, please let me know.

I’m working on getting an extra scholarship and everything.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know because you’ve all been so helpful, and to please keep reblogging my commissions post because I NEED MORE.

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Fanfiction Commissions!


So, um, I know a lot of people need help with money, and I never thought I’d be the one asking for help, but here I am.

My mother kicked me out for being queer.  My father can’t pay for my education because he is paying for my PTSD and bipolar treatment and meds, and I really need to go back to school if I want to get a decent job in the States or the UK.  I need to finish my education before I can marry my girlfriend.  There are just so many reasons I need to finish school.

I don’t qualify for loans and no one I know is willing to cosign for me.

I am literally doing almost any ship (or poly) in OUAT for commissions (except for anything with Hook.  I am really sorry but the character reminds me of the guy who raped me).

 I really really hope someone commissions me.  I also am willing to write Malora (shippy or not shippy), Sugarless Gum (Bubbline), anything for Frozen, anything Disney actually, just, if you like the ship, posit the idea to me and I’ll let you know if I can do it, or not.  Also, I can do Eponine/Cosette. I mean, my speciality is queer women and rumbelle but I will do my best to accommodate your requests. I am also accepting original work requests.  You have a character you want a story for? I will write it for you.

I also accept donations.  I need about 20,000 USD this year, but every tiny bit helps.  Really. Every tiny itty bit helps.

You can check some of my work on my fandom blog, marquesaarts.tumblr.com.  Here is the table of prices.

$5- 500 word fic

$7- 1000 word fic

$10 - 2000 word fic

$15 - 5000 word fic

Please signal boost and if it tickles your fancy, please commission me.  I will work so hard on these fics, and I promise my work will be worth every cent.

Just send in your prompt to either this account, marquesadesantos.tumblr.com, or my fandom account, marquesaarts.tumblr.com.

Thank you so much for reading and for your support.



Edit: My paypal is rmottalatorre@gmail.com

Thank you so much to those who have asked and who have decided to support me in my education.  You are all lovely and wonderful and I don’t know how to thank you.

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